DiTomasso Dental

Sacramento Dental Testimonials

Here’s what some of our wonderful patients had to say about us:


“A truly phenomenal set of dental professionals. They make you feel genuinely welcome, comfortable and cared for. Their communication to the patient and among themselves is EXCELLENT. You are kept totally appraised of EVERY step in your treatment process (before, during and after). They constantly check with the patient to verify there is no discomfort during treatment. Their technology is state-of-the-art (3-D views of the areas being treated, comprehensive patient treatment data). They are focused on your total dental health (treatment, maintenance, avoiding future conditions). They are a great team of very nice folks, who are really good at what they do!”

— Mitch V.

“Dr. Pamela DiTomasso’s dental office is exceptional! I have been a patient for 25 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else! The staff are very knowledgeable and sweet. Dr. Pam and the other Dentists in her office are always thinking about the best way to serve each and every patient. They use only the best high tech equipment available to make your dental visit the best you can get. You won’t regret it!”

— Victoria W.

“Top-notch in their field, caring, kind and professional - Dr. Pam, Dr. Stella and their staff are the absolute best. We have been patients for more than 20 years. We moved 'up the hill' to Placerville last year and still choose to make the 45 minute drive so we can see these wonderful ladies.”

— Gail L.

“Fantastic dental office. Meticulous care and personable staff and dentists. The highest level of technology and always with a smile! I just finished Invisalign treatment and couldn't be happier. Have been a patient of this office for approximately 10 years.”

— Susan S.

“As always I had great experience with DiTomasso Dental - parking, kid room with toys, games on I-pad for my two years old and the cleaning was superb. I was well informed before doing any works and what I like most is that they will try treatments in their office as they can to avoid sending to periodontics which is more invasive.”

— Khong K.

“This is the best Sacramento dental office anyone can ever expect to go to. The staff is friendly, communicative, honest, and seem to really care about their patients. Going to the dentist might not be the best time one can imagine, but the staff at DiTomasso Dental make it seem that way. I have recommended them to all my friends and family.”

— Chris from Sacramento

When asked if he had any suggestions to help us improve our service? “It’s pretty difficult to improve on perfection. Thanks again!”

— Gerry from East Sacramento

“As a customer service manager myself, when I look at qualities in team members I am always looking for genuine, friendly, knowledgeable, responsive people who are advocates for the business and love what they do. I can honestly say that every staff member I have come in contact with here possesses all of these qualities. DiTomasso Dental in Sacramento genuinely cares about my well-being, are always friendly, give you great insight on what they are doing and why, and listen to my needs and concerns. On top of this, they do great work! This is a great dental office!”

— Tanya from Midtown

“I had Shannon as a hygienist for the first time and she was great. She also noticed that my lips were chapped and put some Vitamin E oil on them. You all exceed so well at doing the little things.Thank you!”

— Stacey from Sacramento

“Tanya is fantastic; always pleasant and friendly. I’m confident the information I get from her is accurate, and she never makes you feel rushed. Very pleasant experience, as always!”

— Jennifer from Hollywood Park

“I cannot say enough about Dr. DiTomasso office and her staff; they are very thorough and explain everything — they are the best. You are always greeted with a smile and I have never seen any of the staff in a bad mood. They truly love what they are doing and it shows. I have been going to the Sacramento office for a couple of years and I highly recommend them.”

— Barbara from Midtown